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A History of Entrepreneurship

Frankenmuth was founded in 1845 by a group of German-Lutheran missionaries from Neuendettelsau, Germany. The city's name is derived from two German words: Franken, the province from which the settlers came, and muth, meaning courage. Literally translated, Frankenmuth means Courage of the Franconians.

By 1852, Frankenmuth boasted 80 cabins and farmhouses and by 1854, Frankenmuth residents formally organized as a township.  In 1904, the Village of Frankenmuth was created and City-status came on on October 1, 1959, after a vote of the people. The early settlers created neighborhoods, a village center and community ... out of the wilderness.

Today, Frankenmuth is a thriving community of nearly 5,000 residents who take great pride in preserving the town's heritage, traditions and beauty.  Well-tended flowers and lush greenery surround what many describe as the most authentic Bavarian architecture in the United States ... while, Frankenmuth's unique businesses paint a backdrop to one of America's loveliest Main Streets.

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