Public Safety

Public Safety

Local government priorities focus on well-maintained public infrastructure and services, a healthy and safe environment for residents and guests, clean and welcoming parks and managed growth through good planning and economic development. Civic activities support stable residential and commercial markets, recreational and cultural activities and a well-defined sense of place.

As the City is wholly surrounded by Frankenmuth Township, the City maintains a close working relationship with the Township. Jointly, the two governments collaborate and fund public safety including the Frankenmuth Police Department (FPD) and Frankenmuth Fire Department (FFD.) Well-respected by residents of both the City and Township, the role of the FPD and FFD is considered a high priority for municipal funding.

The Frankenmuth Police Department (FPD) includes 24/7 coverage of both City and township properties. The City maintains a DARE officer, who works in both Frankenmuth Public and Parochial Schools. The Frankenmuth Fire Department (FFD) also provides 24/7 coverage as a fully volunteer department. With thirty (30) volunteer firefighters on staff, the FFD provides up-to-date training as well as state of the art equipment to service fire and other emergencies in both the City and township.

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