Frankenmuth has three distinct markets including the City of Frankenmuth, the local trade area and the tourism market.

The City of Frankenmuth.

While small in geography, Frankenmuth has just over 4900 residents according the 2010 Census -- who find the convenience of shopping and buying local a benefit.  The Frankenmuth resident is educated and earns income significantly above the County's and State's median income.  For more information about the Frankenmuth resident, click here.

The Local Trade Area.

With incomes higher than both Saginaw MSA and the State of Michigan MSA, the population of the local trade area exceeds 50,000 in about 20,000 households.  The trade area includes both Frankenmuth City and Township, Millington, Vassar, Reese, Richville, Munger, parts of Buena Vista and Bridgeport, and Birch Run.  Click here to access a detailed demographic reportClick here to review a local expenditure report.

The Tourist Trade Area.

The most difficult to measure of the three, the demographic for the tourist defines the largest market for the City.  The Tourist visits Frankenmuth from a 300-mile radius, from about a six-state area including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Ontario.  Average annual visitor counts exceeded 2 million people in 2010. Estimates are calculated using proprietary data from area businesses. Visitor counts include those who come for the "day" as well as those who stay overnight in Frankenmuth hotels.

A recent study ordered by the Saginaw County Convention & Visitors Bureau in 2008, describes these characteristics of the Overnight Visitor to Frankenmuth:

  • Female (age 35-54, with an average age of 51). She makes the choice to travel to Frankenmuth;
  • Travel parties are an average size of 2.5 persons, spending more than $700 for 1.9 nights of lodging including meals, drinks and shopping;
  • More than half are employed full-time with household incomes greater than $50,000;
  • Visitors come primarily from Michigan;
  • Visitors come to sight-see and shop and will dine at a unique restaurant;
  • Visitors express a high rate of satisfaction with their visit and overnight stay in Frankenmuth;
  • More than half will return within 12 months; and
  • They will recommend Frankenmuth as a travel destination to their friends.

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