The City of Frankenmuth Zoning Code Ordinance defines common zoning rules and regulations including zoning types and use, parking, building requirements, and signage, among others.  The community believes that careful planning and action on the part of the City's residents, businesses and government leaders is critical to maintaining Frankenmuth's successful image as a great place to live and do business.

To view a copy of a map illustrating the location of the City's zoning districts, click here.

Part of the Downtown area is also located within the City's Historic District.  Oversight by an appointed committee of the City includes approvals for signage, colors, additions, site plans and related projects.  For specific information, contact City Clerk Phil Kern at 989.652.3430 ext 111.  To view a copy of the historic district boundaries, click here. To view a copy of the City's Historic District Regulations, click here.

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